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old flight

Synopsis, all the way down the fact that I do not know really the cause of living exactly for something in special. That very special day in a whole life, and in that day, the reality of an unexpected moment.

Learning to reveal the statement that involves us into the very beginning, I appear to establish myself into a certain point where I was whiningly to stop and stare at a moment where I could hardly breathe and feel my own senses.
Very close to a darkened hole, where no man shall return, and no man would ever think of, that place in which every child learns he knows nothing of a certain matter; knowing the unknown, and marrying the numbness of an aspect.
Until we are able to think no more and stay awaken. Until we are not able to stay still and a mass of western dust covers our eyes, until we can see a smoky idea of what we really want to see. And talk to oneself until we hate the fact of thinking superficially becomes stupid.

Eternal necessity was enough for a fright to begin. Eternal necessity of knowing more has become a non-numerical countdown, to begin the thinking, and reasoning, to reach a higher understanding, in order to reveal an answer in no man’s reasoning, although we shant know the answer though. The rule of philosophy has become unbroken, and that rule came to be the exact meaning of an answer, that is unknowing the answer though you have the feeling of meeting it, in a few, the philosophy statement of defense, was and will ever be the fact of indistinguishing the real answer of a question, and as this words become a bit shaky, the fact is still the fact of learning the way to finally understand, we will never have a consistent word, if the majority thinks that a truth can be told from the above, and that same majority will never know the truth hidden after a statement, and what it will ever be silly, is the feeling of distance that will ever exist in thy path. (And thy should highlight the belief in God’s degree, but in this case I should say thy has become general, till the meaning of a truth comes to meet the meaning of a word that knew equality of thinking; and this word shall never be given a certain meaning, but the one every single one of us gives to it in the time our reasoning is born, into a special gift of greatness, and into the one not everyone get used to.)

Internal fight for freedom of ideas, get closer to the step of fighting superficially for a certain level or hierarchy. And as this constant fight for ideals becomes a bit harder to believe and understand, is essential for us to be who we are. To be humans is an issue no man should ignore. To be a mass of bones should be and no situation should pop out of it. Interesting thoughts are, and should never be exposed to direct light though, although someone dares to believe them; referring mainly to the costume we as a society live in, to the costume we as people got used to a long time ago.
Light can be harmful if we come to date an existential question, but that light was broken at first by the first thinker in history, and that light will never be an enemy, we humans try to destroy sometimes. And as I understand that revolutionary men tried to enlighten the same light, Lutheranism, Calvinism, Anglicanism, between others, questioned a certain truth the majority was internally, unwilling to believe, and because of the internal, frustrated try to follow another way, were harmed by that light, that grounded the thought of difference.

To think normally will never be given a general term, and to think potentially either; knowledge wasn’t made, and differing from other matters, knowledge isn’t even an aspect. Our nature will protect us from any misunderstanding, taking to consideration that we all, with no exceptions, have infiltrated that neutrality within we were born in. Meaning to the “highest” understanding will never be considered as a genius state of mind; with different points of view, take to account my forsaken.
Shallow water will never reflect the form and character of a statement. Transparent ideas shall never integrate a meaning within the denied of the above.

In an essay written to a same nobody, words described the beautifulness of something for someone to someone else.

“If you could be able to look inside, you would find a story, behind, a grim experience, and below, a child that whimpers every night.
Although my life may be detached in tiny drops, and I appear to savor it to satisfy 3rd persons, I shouldn’t hide I’m grudgingly to abandon the final concept.
I may scowl undefined existence, but I can’t deny pleasures life grants us every day. I may shiver at night, because of an unhappy moment, but I can’t abandon myself into self loathing. I could also loose poise between reality and surrealism sometimes, but I’ll try to avoid fall.
Besides a moldy sidewalk, there’s always a shadow, and distinctively, you should conclude that’s me. And if you stare seconds at my eyes, you shouldn’t intrigue yourself to find a varnished soul that hides. It cries.”

That paragraph was able to describe the internal issue in an unperfected way. That’s what humanity means when saying our deepest thoughts in a literal way.
All along the way shall find scripts, and uncultivated content that purposively got to the edge of meaning something while the creation of itself; and that same knowledge, shall be never written neither explained, till the time of our reincarnation (if this refers to the belief matter) comes and carries you and I, and me and then, to the hidden corner of the same climax, as within the others.

The belief, from which many individuals gather from, stays still in there revealing nothing but simple answers, and easy ways to explain a chaos of reality, but within this same reality, we should conclude everyone’s different, and this aspect relates with the idea of everyone’s belief and truth is different too. And the point in here would be easily the time of interception of ideas from distinct source.

“…Neither death exists in God´s
Just a pot, the smaller part of what human
cause-of-death is.

Knowledge and intelligence
might go cracking, squeezing, dying,
in God´s hand.”

And within those words the persistence of remembering something becomes more clear and constant. Every letter by itself may mean nothing, but along a group transforms itself into something tremendously big. Same as in human matters, standing alone may mean nothing, but standing alone along with the acknowledgement of a mass, a mark should be left within the white, cold surface.
Searching for an answer is sometimes harder that we all imagine, searching for the exact moment to do so, may sometimes intrigue our expectation for something else.
As nobody seems to believe in something certain, we are all left to gather the best, or the one that gets a bit more closer to our biggest expectation in life.
And as if we were indeed closer, we close into that belief and get no light to reach our profoundest circumstance, and purpose.

“Running away from patience,
kneeling down on their stupid pride,
knowing things don’t mean what they say,
and that situations are just a brave part
of what human nature is.”

Let it remain that way, ‘till the exact time of revelation comes and carries us. Self destruction may be a cause, as well as stupidity; trading ideas, and pretending to live in a beautiful shell, made out of thoughts and imaginary meanings, where situations don’t even stop and dare to compromise the cause in general. Human nature, as the very beginning, and human destruction, as the very end.
-And let the sun go down into its original consequence, let the rain come down as well, until the ground has no ice for him to melt- . And this is what I refer by saying the human destruction ends it all for granted.

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yaiza morales velasco
invitado-yaiza morales velasco 27-11-2004 00:00:00

You are inteligent very mach. I like your history!!!Thank you!

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