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Categoría: Masturbación

Nikola: My Nasty poker games (part 1)

Hi everybody! My name is Miluska Nikola and I have 13 years old. Yep! I'm too little. Ain't I? Well. All people here can say that I'm a bit child, a bit small and that I'm thinking a bit of weird things, but I supose that isn't true at all.

I'm absolutelly like all the girls of my age. I still sleep with teddy bears in my bed. I LOVE sweets, ice creams and candies. I ENJOY a lot to play volleyball, to swim and to do treking in country zones. I'm lovely and tender. I love to be messy and playful. I ADORE the Jonas Brothers (Aw! They're cute.) and listen lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of music, especially rock, pop and some jamaican reggae.

My name, Nikola, is because I am from Latvia. That country formed part of the CP, but now is absolutelly free, out of the CEI. But I don't wanna bore you with all my life, that's common to all east block teen girls. I'm only introducing miself. But NOW, I'll begin to describe the most important thing: My body.

I'm of middle size. Not small and not tall. My size is of 1.61 meters. I have taked a shower sometimes with my friends when I go with they to the public swimming pool clubs in the new Otuzco town, and every time that I do, they tell me that I have a little curvy ass. My best pal and friend Katyuska said me that my tasty and sweet butt is perfect for the boys touching experience. But I felt embarrased with that words and don't liked to start doing similar nasty things. Fortunatelly, now I have a diferent point of view.

And continue: Where I stopped? Yes! In my butt! Well. well. My face is a real baby face. Only imagine a 13 yo girl with lovely green eyes, small mouth with carmin painted lips, small nose and long dark blonde hair! Add to this that I've pale skin, small feet, little and tickle nipples, small tits and a very very hot, lickable, shaved (yes! Y shave my twat!) and stretched pussy. Wow! I think that you have some "ideas" in your mind to do with me! But I'm sorry of dissapoint you, but I'm still begining teenage and only wanna explore my body and have experiences with myself by now.

But I'm here telling you my life story with the intention that you know what happened to me that made me change my personality from conservative to liberal and from a shy girl's life to a new age without taboos. That happened, to be exact, in the summer of 2007, two years ago. That was a very hot and wet night, and I felt warm. The high temperature meter made me think the most horny things. And me, the shy and supple Nikola became a nasty baby whore. Maybe that don't at all, but was a good opening!

As I said, I felt hot and by that reason I went to my pal's house to meet Katyuska and play some pajama party. An 80% of the 13 yo girls in the city play at that at summer nights, but never play pajama parties as me. I decided to persuade Katyuska to play a new game that calls SEX and STRIP POKER. Since that 2007 summer my celebrations with her in her house are very diferent by that. Ever include a dirty poker play, after which we are fully naked, wet and masturbating ourselves -But don't think that you're thinking. I'm not lesbian-I play with my twat and Katy plays with hers one in front of another and that's all!

I think that most people knows how to play poker. Pairs defeat nothing, trios defeat pairs, then go with flush, royal flush and etc, etc, etc. But my friend and me did a variation to the game rules. We tease a clothes piece by each time of lost and don't tease if we win. I must admit that we wanna lose more than win. The emotion of be nude in a bit of time and masturbate our pink little cunts is very strong that we can't kept out of our minds. The passion and insctints controled our bodies and for Katyuska and for me, each dress piece lost is a new step to be free. But don't least more than 15-20 minutes. Without pay attention to results, we throw all our clothes apart and transform into bitchin' beauties.

I remember the 1st time that we did it. It was amazingly hot! My body was sweating rivers of passion and my breath was like fire. My heart beating and my pussy wet. Wow! I couldn't resist! And I begin by caressing my navel and soft peach skin belly. I put an index finger inside my navel hole and with the other hand I touched my plain belly. Then I went up by the line to my boobs and squeezed the small sized mellons. I did it after with my perky nipples. I licked and sucked one by one. That sensation made me feel so wet that I went fast with my hands to my pussy and opened it. I caressed my juicy twat lips and my clit. That did me feel tickles and waves of orgasms.
I only moaned: Ah! Ah! I'm horny!

Then I caressed my feet and my butt. I put one finger into my asshole and one on my pussy because I was (and I am) virgin and I don't wanna loose my virginity with my fingers or anything by now. I limited miself to touch and caress in diverse possitions: Doggystile, stand up, sitted. Each one give me diferent orgasms and made me cum and squirt on the floor. Now I use a dildo or a vibrator to excite my pussy but I don't put into miself. I put that over my little sweet thing.

But well. I've talked only about me. What happened to my super friend Katyuska? She enjoys too! She is of my age and has small black hair, small lips and pale skin. Her body is little and her ass is curvy and her pussy is more small than mine. She has good thighs but is soft and skinny as all first year's teens. When she wanna play, she is very direct. She caress her pussy lips and clitoris, and finish touching her adorable nipples. Her tits are begining to grow and by that reson she concentrates her touchings on her kitty. She shaves her cunt as me too and for it we use shave cream and an small machine. She is more puppy than me. She rubs her cameltoe with her music flute or with a soft object as a teddy bear. Together we ever have fun.

Since that big time, I only have an idea in my brain when I'm looking for fun in summer nights: I LOVE STRIP POKER!

Hey boys. Wanna play with me in Part 2?
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